Патч Gen 2020 (v2.2)    64-бит 09.07.2020



Скопируйте содержимое архива в корневой каталог программы midas Civil с заменой файлов



Патч исправляет следующие ошибки:

1. There were errors in the calculation according to FEMA440 in Pushover analysis.

    - Procedure A : The location of performance points was wrong.

    - Procedure B & C : Incorrect Modified Factor (M) was applied when the Modified Acceleration-Displacement 

                              Spectrum (MADRS) was created.

2. Design bending moments were switched between the major axis and the minor-axis for asymmetric L-shaped steel member.


3. Strength Loss option was not considered when generating a pushover hinge curve according to EC8:2004.


4. When displaying the state of yielding in the plate stress results, it was displayed that the yield occurred at the bottom even though the yield occurred at the top.


5. When calculating the stress in a circular or pipe-shaped concrete column, stress signs were reversed.